Four Tips to Help You Customize Your Classic Ride with Modern Features

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If you like classic cars, a restoration project can be a lot of fun. For many people, this involves repairing all the old parts to bring a car back to its original glory. If you want to do something a little different, you may want to give your car modern features like a fuel-injected motor and antilock brakes. The interior can also be updated with more modern gadgets and controls. Here are some tips to help you customize your classic car with modern features:

1. Installing a Fuel-Injected Motor for Modern Performance 

If you want your car to have modern performance, a fuel-injected motor can be a great addition. You can buy one new to install in your car or look for a used motor. Many used-parts dealers have engines from salvaged vehicles that are in new condition. In addition, look for a motor from the same make as your vehicle to make it easier to get it to work in your car.

2. Upgrading Outdated Brakes to Antilock Brake Systems

If you are updating a classic, it is likely that the brake system is outdated. To improve performance and make your car safer, antilock brakes can be a good investment. As with other customizations, look for the same make of vehicle to take the brake system out of. You can also look for a similar model of car to ensure that things like brake lines work well.

3. Changing Lights for Modern LED Light Assemblies

The electricity that your car uses can affect performance and fuel economy. To reduce electrical systems and make your car more modern, you may want to consider installing LED lighting. This can also give your project a nice custom look when it is finished. You may also want to consider installing LED lighting on the interior of your car.

4. Bringing Down the Weight with Modern Lightweight Parts

The weight of your car can also affect its performance. If you want to get the weight down, there are many parts that you may want to consider replacing with fiberglass. These can include fenders and hoods. You can also replace interior parts with modern lightweight materials to help get the weight of your car down.

These are some tips to help you customize your classic with modern features. If you need the right materials for your project, contact an auto parts service to get all the pieces you need to make your classic ride modern.