Three Tasks To Keep Your Garage Door Working Safely

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When your garage door stops working properly, it's important to get it repaired by a professional garage door repair service. Attempting the work on your own can be dangerous, thanks to the springs that are under considerable tension. Being sure that the door is back to its original working condition reduces the risk of injury to you, your family members, and even your pets. You shouldn't, however, simply ignore a newly repaired garage door. Take a proactive approach to ensure that if something begins to go wrong in the future, you'll catch it early. Here are three simple tasks that you can perform to ensure the door is working safely.

Listen For Unhealthy Sounds

Although a garage door isn't exactly quiet when it opens and closes, you shouldn't be hearing any signs that indicate something is wrong. Keep an ear open for sounds akin to creaking or even groaning -- these can indicate that the springs, hinges, or rollers are in need of lubrication. You can figure out how to lubricate these elements by checking your manual -- typically, a silicone spray works well -- and carefully following the steps. Loud noises don't necessarily indicate anything on the door needs replacing, but should alert you to the fact that some service is necessary.

Test Out The Sensors

The sensors located at the bottom of an automatic garage door frame prevent the door from shutting on someone passing below, which means that checking them is an important way to keep your door operating properly. You can check the sensors by opening the door and, after pressing the button to close the door, sliding any non-damageable object from your garage between the sensors. If the door doesn't reverse immediately, you're getting a clear sign that there's an issue with the sensors and you should call a professional to fix or replace them.

Check The Hinges And Bolts

The hinges and bolts on your door keep each moving section working as one. Over time, it's possible for these bolts to work their way loose or even rust, which can harm their integrity. It's important to grab an appropriate-sized wrench and check the bolts to ensure they're snug. Multiple loose bolts on any given panel of the door can cause one panel to fall while the door is moving, which could cause a serious injury to anyone below. This safety check is quick and easy for any homeowner to perform. For assistance, talk to a professional like J & R Garage Door Company Inc.