What Should You Expect When Visiting Auto Salvage Yards?

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Your salvage yard experience will vary widely, depending on the type of salvage yard that you visit. There are two basic types of salvage yards, and you should call before visiting to determine how to prepare for your visit, especially if you need a specific part as soon as possible.

The self serve auto salvage yard

This type of salvage yard is for the more adventurous bargain hunter. In this type of facility, you must remove the parts yourself from junk cars that have been towed to the property and drained of all hazardous liquids. You must also provide your own tools, although some yards will rent various tools with a cash deposit.

You can often find amateur mechanics in these self serve yards that will use their own tools to remove a part for a negotiated fee. These entrepreneurs may also know the location of various vehicles on the lot that will provide the part you seek. 

Self serve yards are usually less structured than other types of salvage yards. They may have an inventory of car models that are on the premises, or vehicles may simply be scattered throughout the property in various states of disassembly.

Most self serve yards will charge a nominal fee, usually only a few dollars, to enter the property and peruse the inventory. Prices of parts are based on factors such as the age of the vehicle and the appraised condition of the parts. Prices may be arbitrary and subject to change.

Of course, the main appeal of the self serve salvage yard is the thrill of the hunt and the lower prices you will pay for the lack of amenities.

Used auto part salvage yards

These auto salvage yards operate in the same manner as a brick and mortar auto parts store. Parts are removed, stored, and inventoried for quick access. You can then choose from parts that are priced according to the retail price of replacement and the condition of the parts. You can also call before visiting to find out if they have a part in stock that meets your needs.

For example, if you want tire rims that fit your vehicle, you will be directed to the section of the yard where rims are stored and priced. You can then select the rims that fit your style and budget.You can also buy individual rims to replace a rim that has been damaged, if the salvage yard has a similar style of rim in stock.

Some salvage yards also sell recycled auto parts such as rebuilt engines and transmissions. These recycled parts will usually be sold with a limited warranty at a price that is much less expensive than buying new replacement parts. 

Both of these types of auto salvage yards provide new life to used auto parts and help to conserve valuable landfill space, protecting both your wallet and the environment.

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