Four Ways To Revamp Your Vehicle's Storage For A Better Business

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Few things are more frustrating to business owners that fumbling through a pile of bags or boxes to find what they need. Enhance the storage in your vehicle by making a few simple, yet highly effective changes. Once your vehicle undergoes a storage makeover, you are able to spend your time growing your business rather than hunting down misplaced necessities. 

1. Sliding Cargo Tray

You can install a sliding cargo tray from a company like Radauto to take the storage of your vehicle's bay to the next level. Sliding cargo trays conveniently pull out, allowing you to take a quick inventory of the contents. It is a heavy duty storage option, ideal for transporting weighty tools or cumbersome materials, such as generators or batteries.

For simple installation, select a sliding cargo tray that comes completely assembled.This alternative prevents you from having to cut the floor of your work vehicle to install the tray. Some also include an attached flooring that you can coordinate with the interior of your automobile.

2. Car Seat Back Organizer

A car seat back organizer attaches to the back of your vehicle's seat. Options vary so that you can select a piece with appropriately sized pockets. Use an organizer with a large, open space to hold folders for your work invoices and estimates.

Choose an organizer with numerous pockets to hold small equipment or tools that you prefer to keep within reach.

Some selections include side cup holders so that your beverages are nearby on long trips or projects.

3. Hammock Coat Rack

The hammock coat rack utilizes an area of your vehicle that is often overlooked: the ceiling. You attach the hammock to the ceiling of your vehicle with the included hardware. Thanks to the netted design of the hammock, you can use it to hang numerous hooks. Keep work clothing and safety gear organized, or use it to hang spare gloves and helmets.

You are able to adjust the hammock coat rack so that it does not obstruct your view when driving.

4. Car Seat Gap Filler

You are writing an important estimate for your customer, when your pen slips, falling into the back hole that is the gap between your vehicle's seat and the center console. Prevent this from happening and add valuable storage space with a car seat gap filler. 

The car seat gap filler snugly fits between the seat of your vehicle and the center console. Use it to keep your electronics nearby, or store extra ink pens or markers. It is a smart space for housing lightweight items essential for your business.

As a business owner, your automobile also functions as an office. Maximize your productivity while magnifying your storage options with these simple additions.