Scrapping Your Old Ride? Sell These Used Auto Parts For Cash

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That old car you have parked in the drive may look like nothing much more than a hunk of junk that you can't wait to get out of your way, but the fact is it could still have some value left in it. For one, you can sell the car to scrapyards, junkyards, and salvage auto centers and stick maybe a few hundred bucks in your pocket. However, there are also some auto parts in your old ride that could hold value to other auto owners. If you are looking to get the most out of that old car you have before you send it away to the car graveyard, get to know these used auto parts that could be worth trying to sell first.

Alternator - The alternator is the part of the vehicle that continuously keeps the battery charged. Without it, the energy in the battery would deplete rapidly and not rejuvenate on its own. Alternators do fail, but these auto parts are most often rebuilt, which basically means they are just outfitted with new inner working components. Therefore, the core itself is still valuable even if the alternator is non functioning. Pull off the alternator and take it to the local auto parts store and they may give you cash on the spot for it. 

Battery - As long as the car battery is still good, it is definitely worth harvesting before you send the car off to the junkyard. You can easily stick a good used car battery online and see it sold by the end of the day of your price is reasonable enough. On average, a car battery is good for between two and six years, so if you have just recently purchased the battery, it likely still has a lot of life left to give. 

Transmission - It is not uncommon for a transmission to outlast the motor in a car, and transmissions are a highly valuable automobile component to other vehicle owners who may have the same make and model as you, but with a bad transmission. It is worth checking with local transmission repair shops to see if they would be interested in buying your used transmission if it was still good when your car quit running. In a lot of cases, they will already know someone looking for that particular transmission type and may even offer you cash on the spot. 

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