2 Signs Your Car's Power Steering Hydraulic Hose Is Leaking Fluid

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Without the power steering system on your car, it would be very difficult to make sharp turns without using a lot of muscle. The system behind this easier way to steer uses hydraulic hoses to carry the power steering fluid and create enough pressure to send the signal from the wheel to the pump. 

While these hoses are constructed to be strong and durable, they are still prone to damage that can cause a fluid leak which can mess with your ability to steer your car. Below are a couple of signs to look for when trying to determine whether the hydraulic hose for your car's power steering system is leaking.

1. You Find It Takes More Effort to Turn the Steering Wheel 

One sign that one of the hydraulic hoses in your car's power steering system has sprung a leak is when you find that it takes more effort to turn the steering wheel. Normally, when the hose is intact and the fluid is at the recommended level, the system will create the pressure required for the steering pump to work.

However, if the hose is leaking, the fluid level will drop, and the pressure will decrease. Because of this, the power steering pump will not have the power it needs to easily turn the wheels, making it necessary to use force to turn the steering wheel.

2. You Hear a Whining Noise When Steering the Car 

Another sign that there is a leak in one of the power steering hoses is when you hear a loud whining noise when you try to steer your car. This sound will usually accompany the difficulty in turning the steering wheel.

Because there is not enough pressure built up, the pump will have to work harder to try to generate the power it needs to turn the wheels. The high-pitched noise is created when it starts to exert extra effort. 

If your car's power steering hose is leaking, it will not be able to deliver the fluid necessary to build up enough pressure to maintain the system. You will have trouble turning the steering wheel while hearing a high-pitched whining noise when attempting to do so. Eventually, the power steering will go out completely if you do not replace the hose. Speak with a sales representative at an auto parts store near you to have them help you choose the correct hydraulic hose for your car's power steering system. 

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